what is Sand filters, side stream filters ?

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Cooling towers recirculation water is large in volumes and gets easily contaminated with suspended solids, atmospheric dust, microbiological organisms, various airborne debris and sometime particulate of rusted metal coming out from heat exchangers. These contaminations and impurities get settled either in cooling tower pond or deposit on the surface of heat exchangers and significantly decrease the performance of cooling tower circuit. Under these circumstances, significant improvement might be realized with the use of a side stream filter and pond cleaning accessories. Sand filters/side stream filters are equipment designed and manufactured for water quality filtration. Sand filters are able to catch particles as small as about 22 to 25 microns, which makes them suitable for most fountain applications. For most stationary and architectural fountains and industrial cooling towers, however, this is the preferred type of water filtration device. Sand filters come in several different variations, such as automatic backwash gravity sand filters and manual backwash sand filters.


The self-cleaning autonomous valve less gravity sand filter consists of a 3-compartment vertical steel tank divided into a backwash storage compartment, a filter-bed compartment, and a filtrate collection compartment. It operates entirely without any outside energy supply, whereby water is clarified solely through the process of sand filtration. Backwashing occurs on the loss of head principle as described in section 2. The design eliminates the need for backwash pumps and valves. The backwash storage compartment is designed to hold an adequate amount of backwash water.

It always fills to the same height thus providing a constant backwash volume. Also, as the level of water in the backwash compartment drops, the backwash rate diminishes, so that the backwash rate actually starts at about 44 m/h and gradually slows down to 30m/h at the end. Extensive experience with this diminishing backwash rate has indicated it to be completely satisfactory for cleaning the filter bed. The high initial flow rate provides greater initial turbulence to wash the sand. The lower flow at the end of backwashing permits the bed to settle evenly and smoothly. The filter-bed compartment contains fine filter sand. Unique strainers uniformly collect the filtered water and distribute the backwash water without the need for any gravel layer. The unit operates to a mere 1, 2 to 1.5-meter head loss. Experience has shown that under these conditions a surface wash and/or an air backwash is not required to break the surface mat to achieve effective regeneration of the filter bed.


Manual backwash sand filters are connected parrelly in pairs such that the inlet of both sand filters are connected to a common inlet header pipe and their outlets are connected to a common outlet header pipe respectively. Water from the system is pumped through the top of the filter tank and distributed evenly over the media. Suspended particles are trapped in the filter media. The filtered water then passes through the media bed and reaches underdrain assembly at the bottom of the filter and returns to the piping system. Our unique design of side stream filter and cooling tower pond accessories ensures efficient & effective removal of suspended solids & other contaminations and reinforce healthy conditions of the cooling tower and associated heat exchangers.
sfg side stream filters are available from 1 meter cube to 500 meter cube per hour.


An air receiver is essential to every compressed air system to act as a buffer and a storage medium between the compressor and the consumption system. Its volume reduces pressure fluctuations arising from changes in load and from compressor switching.

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